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 bULt x SFX

With the support of the Goethe Institute in Kazakhstan and together with the Berlin-based audio-visual platform SFX, in March 2022 we launched a program in support of women, queer and trans artists. The aim of the program was for artists to perform at bULt, as well as to hold workshops on topics related to performative and activist practices, to exchange experiences and opinions. During the artists' performances at bULt, visitors could watch a screening of video works created by the SFX platform.

On April 7th, bUlt x SFX presents the fifth iteration of our joint events with the Berlin label. Headliners for this event are the Dutch techno experimenters ANIMISTIC BELIEFS and the supergroup QAZAQ INDIE with a live performance.

The event gathered approximately 700 people and took place at the Almaty Meat Cannery, established in 1939. In the 1970s, the facility, along with its factories, workshops, and sections, underwent a complete reconstruction, resulting in the production of 240 tons of products per day. After the dissolution of the USSR, the cannery was privatized. The area is approximately 800 square meters. It accommodated a stage, bar, tea room, and several chill-out zones—all that is necessary to immerse in the atmosphere of a big rave!

Address: 92B/1 Toretay Street 

The event is supported by the Goethe-Institut in Kazakhstan.

Start at 22:00

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