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Music of Fulfillment 41 — this is an experimental research project to create a musical composition by a unique method of random and, at the same time, calculated generation of elements of a musical language. An experiment by the EEGERU Contemporary Music Ensemble and the bULt working group, with the participation of ::vtol::, is an attempt to discover what Reality is by jointly peering into the meanings of random symbols and listening to the form that the sound takes after them.

The concept is based on the experience of studying accidents as a philosophical concept and an artistic tool; understanding the logic and results of "prediction" based on the idea of linear time and subject-object relationships.

The history of the board with nine fields originates in the Sumerian-Akkadian mythology, where, according to the "Lord of the Wind” legend, the God Enlil revealed to people the unchanging "Great World Law", inscribed on the board. The law did not impose any requirements on human behavior, but described the structure of the world order, thereby bringing knowledge, and could be practically applicable in all spheres of people's lives.

The result of the research of the joint interdisciplinary creative group was the development of the author's algorithm for a work of art, enshrined in a written instruction. The perceptual research environment is created with the help of acoustic instruments, electronic music, programmed sounds of technology and a visual-performative range that frames and guides the emerging narrative.

The project is divided into three parts, according to the number of layouts in the tradition of Kumalak prediction. Kumalakshi makes a layout on the board, the dropped values are translated into a graphic score and midi messages. The musicians begin to play, each his own part, depending on what values have fallen on each of the fields, reading the characters from the screen. The noise batch of the project is represented by two manned drones mounted on vertical guides.


Asel Shaldibayeva, concept 's adept

Raushan Jumaniyazova, sound expert

Sanjar Baiterekov, composer-conductor

Anuar Duisenbinov, meaning synthesizer

Dmitry Morozov, algorithm artist

Rustem Myrzakhmetov, metacomposer

Sabina Fattah, Kumalakshi mathematician

Yerzhan Kushanov, flute

Damir Burkitbaev, clarinet

Yerkebulan Saparbaev, violin

Pavel Tarasevich, viola

Eldar Aitbekov, cello

Makpal Manasbayeva, kyl kobyz, nar kobyz


Ensemble EEGERU, created by a group of musiic professionals in 2015.  EEGERU, united by a passion for modern forms of musical thinking, is unique in that its members play both European instruments (flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello) and folk instruments (kyl-kobyz).



The bULt working group thinks its purpose of existence is to explore and discover the primary unsupported nature of reality by applying Bult Mentaldyq Technologia and performing field tests in the rave space. An important part of exploring and living in the rave space is witnessing and celebrating the fact that existence requires no reason.



::vtol:: (Dmitry Morozov) is an artist and researcher from Moscow. Works at the intersection of art, science and technology, creating robotic installations, hybrid and interactive projects.

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