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bULt is a community-driven experimental rave space, research and arts environment aiming to be safe for all forms of life

rave mïfologïyası

Rave Mythology – bULt Mental Technologies

The bULt working group is engaged in research and discovery of the primary foundationless Nature of Reality, using the methods of Bult Mentaldyq Technologia (hereinafter referred to as BMT), and carrying out field tests in the Rave Space, the key components of which are:

I-construction – is a super-object of perception that appears as a result of the interaction between mental activity program processes; 
Raver – is an essence that arises on the basis of the I-construction;

Dancefloor – is the place where BMT is deployed. BMT initiates the process of unlinking the subject-object chain under techno beat and strobing light exposure resulting the Raver to be realized onto the Rave Space, beyond her_his_their own component designation; 

Techno – is a rhythmic structure that looped in time, returning to the starting point at regular intervals, holding attention at the moment of its location, thereby increasing the degree of concentration;

Light – photons of strobing light, flashing and briefly fixing the moment, reveal its non-belonging to an infinite set of interpretations.

Rave Space

Inhabiting the Rave Space, we organize techno parties, meaning their main tasks to be:

- joint evidencing and celebration of the fact that existence does not require grounds;

-  creation of a favorable environment for discovering the functional features of the I-construction and, as a direct consequence, for the opportunities for its changes, up to a complete careful reconstruction. At this point and with this way of applying attention, the factor of self-acceptance and manifestations of one's individuality is extremely important. (1).gif
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